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Apple’s Success in Brand Loyalty

Many know about the battery glitch of the iPhone 4s back in 2011; but did that stop customers from buying the product? Nope. Even though it was a few weeks before Apple even publicly recognized the issue, consumers were still … Continue reading

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What’s going on with Social Media Sites?

For a while, Facebook has helped many brands with the promotion of their businesses and now Twitter is helping with that too. With promoted tweets and news feeds, these sites have gained a lot of attention to many brands. Don’t … Continue reading

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Online Influence Matters

Social media is getting more popular in todays society, whether it’s shopping, communicating with friends/family or just browsing; online influence is out of control. And you have to be too. You have to care about what people are thinking of … Continue reading

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Why Victoria’s Secret Bras?

I think that most would agree that Victoria’s Secret is probably one of the top brands when it comes to lingerie and women’s underwear. Victoria’s Secret is successful for many reasons. Even though it is quite more expensive to shop … Continue reading

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How Businesses Succeed Using Social Media

Social media takes time and effort, sometimes more than what businesses and marketers want to put into it. But it has to be done. Social media can have such a huge impact on your business if you use it correctly. … Continue reading

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Enhancing Consumer Behavior

Understanding how individuals’ process and filter information can help marketers determine the correct strategies and tactics to motivate consumers. When consumers are comfortable and understand a message clearly, they are more likely to act upon it. This helps build rapport … Continue reading

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The Role of Public Relations Professionals

Public relations is the prime role between an organization and its publics. Public relations is the core communicator in helping business develop strong relationships with customers. The practice includes managing the flow of information in communication between a business or … Continue reading

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