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Don’t mess up your social media campaign

Many businesses try to dive right in to using social media for their businesses, but only a few are really successful at it. When it comes to advertsing for your company, you have to think of it as more on … Continue reading

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Enhancing Consumer Behavior

Understanding how individuals’ process and filter information can help marketers determine the correct strategies and tactics to motivate consumers. When consumers are comfortable and understand a message clearly, they are more likely to act upon it. This helps build rapport … Continue reading

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Sexual Stimuli in Advertising

Being this is the 21st century and sexual appeal in advertising has become a more common thing. When comparing age and gender with the attitudes and feelings of consumers, the factor is insignificant. In today’s society, age does not typically … Continue reading

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How Men vs. Women respond to sex appeal

Advertisers have been using sex appeal and image to sell since the late 1800s. When Maidenform bras started using models in the nude for ads, they quickly became the leading bra company. Sex in advertising sells a product. Most products that … Continue reading

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Sex Sells

Sex appeal is used in advertising all over the world to attract target audiences. Advertisers use sexually oriented appeals as a communication to draw attention to their messages. Sexuality in advertising is becoming more explicit as researchers have claimed that … Continue reading

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