Why Victoria’s Secret Bras?

I think that most would agree that Victoria’s Secret is probably one of the top brands when it comes to lingerie and women’s underwear. Victoria’s Secret is successful for many reasons. Even though it is quite more expensive to shop the brand, the quality of the products makes it well worth the extra money.

Victoria’s Secret knows how to market their brand. They use sexy women to sell their products, and it works. This goes back to the post from earlier when we talked about how ‘sex sells’. They use social media to promote their brand to all consumers. Even if someone is not interested in the product, they will still talk about it. Don’t you?

So why their product over others? Would it not be cheaper to just go to Target or Wal-Mart? Of course it would, but it’s not Victoria’s Secret. Just to own a bra from this brand makes certain women feel sexy. They tend to compare themselves to the models and think that if they just have that piece of lingerie or bra, they will be sexy too.

Take a look at their Facebook page. With the constant updates and endless promotions, they have gained over 21 million fans. And that’s just the fans that are on Facebook. Imagine what they are doing with all of the other social sites. If you want to know how to market successfully using social media, Victoria’s Secret is a prime example of success.

Be creative. Be different. Make people talk.

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