What’s going on with Social Media Sites?

For a while, Facebook has helped many brands with the promotion of their businesses and now Twitter is helping with that too. With promoted tweets and news feeds, these sites have gained a lot of attention to many brands.

Don’t forget about LinkedIn. They’ve made some pretty big changes recently and are slowly moving up in the advertising scene. LinkedIn serves more for business type people, making it easier for marketers to engage with high quality audiences.

Pinterest got popular really fast with retail brands, but what’s next for them? Eventually they will have to come up with how they are going to make money from these brands that are pretty much getting free advertising.

Each social media site is different in it’s own way, offering services to benefit a certain group of people. They each have their own unique advertising opportunities, which targets different demographics.

Brands need to be where their consumers are; but you have to know where to find them. Study sites and see what people are talking about related to your brand. It is well worth the time and effort put in to researching if it gives you positive results.

So where is social media headed? You will hear many different opinions on this subject, but still think about it. As social media advances, more brands will take advantage of what it has to offer. With most people using the convenience of online shopping and researching, brands have no choice but to be on social media if they want their brand to be known other than just the competition.

One important thing to remember about social media and something that will not change in the future; communication is key. You have to engage with your audience.


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