Online Influence Matters

Social media is getting more popular in todays society, whether it’s shopping, communicating with friends/family or just browsing; online influence is out of control. And you have to be too.

You have to care about what people are thinking of you. Be a leader, not a follower when it comes to social media and advertising for your business. Track your social media influence on Klout to see the areas you need to work on and what you are best at.

Social media has such a huge influence on consumer behavior and buying habits. If you are interesting, people are going to stop and take a look to see what you are about. Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 minutes an individual spends on social media, is spent on Facebook. Find your target and find out which sites they are socializing on.

To gain loyalty to your brand through online influence takes time. It’s not an overnight process. You have to first interact with your customers. Let them know you are a real person and help them with questions they may have. Tell them about your product or service and how it works. Don’t make them guess. Offer incentives and giveaways to get more fans to your site. Make your fans the stars.

It is imperitive that your online influence be a positive one. If it’s done right from the beginning, then it more likely to be successful. Look to see what other companies are successful and find out what they are doing. You have to keep your brand interesting. Be creative.

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