Convenience Shopping

Walmart remains the number one brand when it comes to the convenience of online shopping. Although the brand value has decreased over the past two years, Walmart brings in about $260 billion with over 180 million consumers. In an effort to keep customers coming back, they continue to market everyday low price guarantees. Stores have evolved and improved to make the shopping experience a more favorable one. With their effective marketing efforts, Walmart continues to show it’s dedication for constant improvement. Why do people shop online? Convenience. It’s as simple as that. No long lines, no hassle, no getting through people or fighting over products. With just a few clicks, you can have the things you want come right to your door.

Sometimes, price is even better online than it is in stores; and you get it directly from the manufacturer. Online shopping offers a better variety in products. No more searching for colors and sizes because they’re all available right in front of you. You can send gifts without having to pick it up and taking it to the post office. Just put the receivers address on there, and it goes right to them.

Consumers tend to spend more money when conventional shopping because they get distracted by other items they must pass in order to get to the one they’re looking for. So I guess we can also say that online shopping can save you money.

What most people like about online shopping is the privacy. No one else can see what you’re buying. Whether it’s sexy lingerie or adult toys, you don’t have to worry about running into someone you know and have the feeling of embarrassment.

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