Enhancing Consumer Behavior

Understanding how individuals’ process and filter information can help marketers determine the correct strategies and tactics to motivate consumers. When consumers are comfortable and understand a message clearly, they are more likely to act upon it. This helps build rapport and brand loyalty, which will motivate higher performance.

If you want your product or brand to be known, you have to make it stand out from everyone else. Do something different to make people remember you. Let’s take the Allstate commercials. We may not care about the insurance company or what it offers, but every time we hear that man’s deep voice, we know it’s a commercial for Allstate. Come up with a catchy slogan, so that every time it’s said, people know who it is.

It has been said that there is much that can enhance motivation. One of the most effective ways is creating a message that will have a positive affect. Positive communications methods result in more attention and affective responses.

Even though all publics are not responsive, the communication must be created for an equal opportunity for all publics to process the information. It takes sufficient effort to reach certain audiences. Opportunity in the public relations field is creating multiple messages in different ways so that people can easily process them.

Consumers are not going to even take a second look at your product if they can’t comprehend what it offers from the beginning. Big words are unnecessary. Just get to the point and make your message clear.


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