Sexual Stimuli in Advertising

Being this is the 21st century and sexual appeal in advertising has become a more common thing. When comparing age and gender with the attitudes and feelings of consumers, the factor is insignificant. In today’s society, age does not typically separate attitude and consumer decision-making. Meanings of what is perceived as sexy will differ amongst everyone. Characteristics of models, behaviors and intimate relations will vary.

More women, than men, will respond by saying some advertising has too much sex appeal and may be indecent due to the fact that the brand or product has nothing to do with sex or feeling sexy. More women are used for advertising and when shown in the nude, can be objectifying toward women. Some women may feel a negative attitude toward a brand if it is identified as too sexy, making them feel uncomfortable with the ad. Women tend to compare themselves to models used in the ad and after evaluation, become unhappy with their bodies and may develop bad habits for losing weight to look attractive.

Sexual advertising affect sexual stimuli of a consumer and people are more likely to buy a product if someone attractive is selling it. Sex grabs attention to someone walking down the street, and even if they don’t buy the product, consumers usually remember the brand it is associated with and talk about it, developing new clients for the business.

There is no doubt that sex sells when used in advertising. It draws more attention to a brand and is effective as long as it is not used out of context. Marketers have to be cautious due to negative effects and make sure that it is applied appropriately. The findings in this study will suggest many different opinions on how advertising uses sex appeal and whether or not it is appropriate.

Sex appeal in advertising will continue to be an ongoing debate in society. More marketers are using sexuality to display and sell their products because it grabs attention, even to those who are not the main target. Nudity in advertising increases memory for the ad image. Sexual appeal persuades an audience to feel a certain way; therefore, gaining brand awareness and more consumers.



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