Fall In Love with Your Brand

It is a competitive market to gain loyalty and keep the customers in retail. Good practices and measurements are requirements in order to be successful. There is still much more research that could be done on brand loyalty in order to understand it fully. Brand loyalty is a result of consumer behavior and is affected by a person’s preference. Price is not an issue when customers shop the brand they love. When it comes to marketing for Victoria’s Secret, their greatest strategy is word of mouth. Consumers, even those who do not shop the brand, talk about the advertising and product of Victoria’s Secret.

Happy customers make loyal customers. Brand Loyalty and Community Builder, Suzanne Vara (2010) stated six important ways to create brand loyalty.

Based on the conceptual framework of drivers of brand loyalty, there is a need for more theoretically based research of brand loyalty. Future research could consist of a study focusing specifically on brand loyalty programs and the way they are used in the retail industry, and finding out the best ways to use it in order to gain brand loyalty.

Once a consumer falls in love with the brand, they never go back. In order to build long-term relationships with consumers, a brand has to know and understand its market and reach out to the public in a way that no one else does. Victoria’s Secret advertising and marketing is very different than other brands, and even though many may not agree with it, they still talk about it; therefore, developing much talk and bringing in more curious people to shop the brand.

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