Sex Sells

Sex appeal is used in advertising all over the world to attract target audiences. Advertisers use sexually oriented appeals as a communication to draw attention to their messages. Sexuality in advertising is becoming more explicit as researchers have claimed that sexual stimulus causes the consumers perception to be more focused on the ad, rather than the brand.

Why does sex sell? Sex in advertising draws in much attention, and both males and females are attracted to sex ads. It makes people curious and individuals will change their focus immediately, even if they do not agree with it. Advertisers are smart. They know that even if the person does not agree with the ad, or think using sex appeal is immodest, it will still be talked about. Viewers will talk about the products ad and the discussions will accumulate to many other consumers.

Advertisers have to be careful when using sex appeal to promote their product. They have to be careful not to phase out their product and use some kind of connection between the two. Males are usually focused more on the ad while females are focused more on the product.

The risqué used in sex advertising depends on the community and targeted audience. An advertiser should consider the area and public. They should make sure they know and understand the public’s feelings on public sexuality.

In today’s time, sexuality does not grab attention as much as it did 25 years ago. Because sexuality is used so much in television and magazines, advertisers must be creative to generate shock to its consumers.

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