Social Media Influence on Brand Loyalty

Companies everywhere are using social media to gain awareness to their brand. Why? Because people are obsessed with technology. They do everything online; online shopping, looking at reviews, find similar products and a whole lot more. A business has to make their online presence stand out. When a consumer types a subject into google, yahoo, msn, etc., you want your companies name or product to be at the top and the first one they see. Most people are not going to scroll through the next few pages to find what they’re looking for, so you have to make sure your social media is updated constantly.

It’s important to first identify your target audience so you know exactly what sites you should spend the most time advertising. For example, if your target audience are teens and young adults, you would want to use the most popular sites for this age group, like Facebook and Twitter. Go Social Pro shows the popularity of different social media and the success of businesses using them.

Building an emotional connection is important when establishing brand loyalty. Consumers that feel an emotional connection with a brand are more likely to keep using that brand and recommend it to others; which in turn, helps with word of mouth advertising. You have to make your customers excited about your brand. The more exciting you make your marketing strategies, the more likely someone is going to show interest in your brand. It can also help you learn the demographics of your audience and help you with future marketing.

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