Defining Brand Loyalty?

How would you define brand loyalty? There are a few definitions that could be used, but just like it says, it’s being loyal to your brand; whether that’s only buying a specific product, spreading the word to all of your friends or defending its name, you can show brand loyalty in many ways. As I am sitting here watching a football game with a bunch of guys, I see the devotion they have for their team. Whether that team wins or losses, a fan is still going to always root for his team. So, think of it that way. Once you are loyal to a brand, it’s hard to break you away from it, even if their product is not always the best.

Brands have to work hard to build up loyalty and keep consumers coming back to their product. It is not just about the brand name. Brand loyalty begins with trust. A brand can gain trust by providing excellent customer service and valuable products. Ultimately, a company wants its brand to be an unconscious decision made by the consumer to use its brand continuously. Suzanne Vara discusses 6 ways a company can create and maintain brand loyalty. It is not enough to just gain brand loyalty; the challenge is to maintain it, which we will talk about in a later post. Once loyalty is gained by the consumer, it is up to the brand to maintain trust with its customers.

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